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Filling Machines Model Dafs - 30, Dafs - 55, Dafs - 100

Total Vial Wasshing Machine

This machine is used in different industries as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals', and chemical industries which is made of stainless steel and is durable for long term duration. The ampoule filling and sealing machine are filled accurately at a time depending on number of syringe filling is affected by aspirating filling product through the syringes, passing it by positive displacement through the non return valves, filling tubes and filling needles, into the ampoules ,this machine is mainly used for filling bottles, can, vials etc. Automatic liquid bottle filling machine is made from thick stainless steel and is robust and easy to handle mainly used for sealing ,filling and available in different models by us.

Vial Bottle Filling Line India
Total Vial Washing Machine Manufacturer
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Syringe Sealing Machines
Model No DAFS-30, DAFS-55, DAFS-100
Output Single Head : DAFS-30 [ 20 to 30 Ampoules/Min ]

Two Head : DAFS-55 [ 40 to 55 Ampoules/Min ]

Four Head : DAFS-100 [80 to 100 Ampoules/Min ]
Filling Range DAFS-30 [ 1 to 20 ml Ampoule ]

DAFS-55 [ 1 to 10 ml Ampoule ]

DAFS-100 [ 1 to 5 ml Ampoule ]
Power Supply

DAFS-30 [ 0.5 HP, 440 Volt, 3 Phase,
4 Wire System, 50 Hz]

DAFS-55 [ 0.75 HP, 440 Volt, 3 Phase,
4 Wire System, 50 Hz]

DAFS-100 [ 1 HP, 440 Volt, 3 Phase,
4 Wire System, 50 Hz]

Overall Dimension DAFS-30 [ 915 MM (L) X 610 MM (W) X 965 MM (H) ]

DAFS-55 [ 915 MM (L) X 760 MM (W) X 965 MM (H) ]

DAFS-100 [ 1200 MM (L) X 1070 MM (W) X 965 MM (H) ]
Syringe Sealing Machines Manufacturer
  • The machine built on principle of slant travel of ampoules while filling & sealing.
    To Take care of vide variation of ampoule neck dimensions, thickness and ovality of available Indian ampoules.

  • The unit on SS square pipe frame and totally encompassed with SS coverings.
    In pleasing matt finished further. The large opening available at the bottom side for easy of absolute cleaning

  • The pendant type electrical control panel is lifted frp, machine for ease of operation and safety.
Syringe Sealing Machines Exporter
Syringe Sealing Machines Supplier
Vial Bottle Filling Line
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