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Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine Manufacturer & Supplier from India

We Are One of the best manufacturer ,Supplier & Exporter of Multijet-Vial Washing Machine in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India.Multijet Vial Washing Machine, also known as a vial jet washer, is a semi-automatic, portable, dependable ampoule and vial washer that complies with cGMP standards. With the aid of the proper change parts, the Multijet Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine can wash ampoules ranging in size from 1 to 20 millilitres and glass vials ranging in size from 2 to 100 millilitres. FDA-approved materials or stainless steel 316L are used to make all contact parts.

To observe a total of six washings in one cycle, this lab-scale small vial washer has a timer-operated solenoid valve mechanism. In medium and small scale injectable organisations, the Multijet Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine is frequently used. The number of holes in combo trays depends on the diameter of the ampoules and is constructed of cast nylon materials. To execute various sizes of ampoules, there are combinations of needle plates with 53 holes, 100 holes, 189 holes, 240 holes, and 340 holes. 1ml to 25ml glass ampoules can be washed in our Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine in India.

Process Operation of Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine

If received in ready-to-dump boxes, which have the exact same quantity of ampoules and pitch as the loading tray, ampoules are loaded in bulk onto combi trays. Alternately, each ampoule or vial must be put into the tray by itself. The loading tray is put into the machine, and the handle bar is lowered so that the washing needles will automatically centre themselves in the neck of the ampoules. The top cover is lowered, and the automatic sequential washing switch is turned on. Each individual ampoule is washed from the inside and outside. After one full washing cycle, the machine shuts off automatically with a buzzer sound and a red light. The reverse technique must be used to remove the tray. 30 loading trays can be completed in an hour, depending on the operator's efficiency and the loading.

Salient Features :

  • machine is equipped with a vial loading station where empty vials are loaded onto the conveyor system for washing.
  • The multi-jet vial washer makes use of a number of high-pressure jets that are placed in several parts of the vials at once.
  • Based on particular needs and vial features, operators can modify a number of parameters, such as jet pressure, angle, and duration, to optimise the cleaning process.
  • Multi-jet vial washing machines often incorporate quality control features to check the cleanliness and integrity of the washed vials.
  • The construction of multi-jet vial washers ensures adherence to industry standards by meeting regulatory requirements like CGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practises).

Technical specification of Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine

We offer a diverse range of Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine to meet the varying needs of our customers. Below is an overview of our product lineup:



Loading & Unloading


Washing Process

Automatic through PLC

Input Specification

2ml to 100ml vials and 1ml to 20ml ampoules

Production Output

Up to 100 ampoules/vials per minute(depends upon needle plate and operator’s efficiency)

Power Supply:

0.25 H.P.

Electrical Characteristics:

220 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hertz

Net Weight:

120 Kgs. Approx.

Gross Weight:

250 Kgs. Approx

Net Dimension:

1200 mm (L) X 1020 mm (W) X 1080 mm (H) approx.

Case Dimensions:

1350 mm (L) X 1200 mm (W) X 1280 mm (H) approx.