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Rotary Ampoule Washing Machine Exporter

Rotary Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Rotary Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine helps in washing and removing the sticky matter inside the bottle and outer surface of bottle with the minimum use of labor and time, our Machine provides three water washes and two air washes for perfect washing of water tank. This Rotary Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine is widely used into pharmaceutical industry which meets the requirements of client by cleaning the bottle one by one.
Rotary Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Ampoule Washing Machine India
Special Features of Rotary Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine:
  • Higher output
  • Boost the cleaning process.
  • All parts are made of Stainless Steel.
  • little maintenance, easily cleanable, quick changeover
Technical specification of Rotary Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine:

Ampoules, Vials, Injection ampoules and similar
Max. Output / hour
18000 Receptacles
Power-Total (kW / hp)
12.7/ 17.0
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