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Stoppering Machines

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Stoppering Machines


We are in the production of vial filling and Stoppering machine which is made from up-to-date quality and used in various pharmaceutical industries. Stoppering machine is used with A.C. frequency and for speed control it has inbuilt scrambler, unscramble, driptrey and Pre filled Syringe .Stoppering machine is adjusted automatically and associated to each format of Syringe or vial processing. There is no need to wash and sterilize the components prior to the filling and sealing operation. Our machine is compact and offered at fair prices.

After Filling of liquid into vials Rubber Stoppering Machine is used which is compact, easy, flexible to use that also consist of Star Wheel, vibrator unit and bowl. The Sterilized rubber stoppers stored in the vibrator bowl move vertically to the rubber stopper chute wherethe vial is hold firmly by star wheel and stopper is used to seal the product or instrument.

stoppering machine exporter, stoppering machine manufacturer Stoppering machine in india, stoppering machinery
Model Pfss - 01 Model Pfs - 01

Vial which is coming from filling unit get into star wheel and move in rotary direction with star wheel, while moving it will picks up the rubber stopper at the end of the chute and rubber stopper will be pressed on by pressing roller to fix it, then vial will move further for next operation.

Salient Features
  • Vibration free and durable
  • Elegant and easy operation
  • Qualitative rubber is used in stoppering
  • Stoppering used is durable.
  • Minimum change overtime
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