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Vacuum Cleaning Machines

vacuum cleaning machine


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Vaccum Cleaning Machine - Vaccum Cleaning Machine India, Vaccum Cleaning Machine Manufacturers, Vaccum Machine Exporter.

Vacuum Cleaning Machines


Our company supplies a broad and exclusive range of product which also includes a variety of Vacuum Cleaning Machine. We manufacture our product under strict quality check at each level of production with an effective team of employees that takes care to follow the requirement of client and norms to make our machine better and best in the market.

A vacuum cleaning Machine is a device that is used with an air pump to clean a particular Vial, a small container. It is instrument, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used especially for holding liquid or medicines that is suck up of dust, oily substances, liquids medicines etc and for cleaning process of this, Industries uses Vacuum Cleaning machine.

vacuum cleaning machine manufacturer

Salient Features :
  • Very compact, modular construction
  • No extra lubricant required
  • To prevent jamming on machine overload clutch is provided
  • Pressure regulator with pressure switch is provided on customer's request
Automatic Bottle / Jars Air Jet & Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Automatic Bottle cleaning Machine works on constructive air pressure and vacuum cleaning. The machine is compressed, around and enclosed in stainless steel with matt finish body, which includes optional accessories as Filter & Regulator, Vial Inspection Station, and Vial Loading Platform.

We have used photoelectric system in Automatic Bottle Vacuum Cleaning Machine to complete task .All the bottles should be cleaned before it is filled, when an empty bottle arrives at the specified point, cleaner comes down automatically at the mouth of the bottle, where pure air pressed into the bottle and impurity inside of the bottle is removed and cleaned by vacuum system. This product conform GMP completely.

Technical specification of Automatic Bottle / Jars Air Jet & Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Out put

330 to 60 Bottle/ Min

Optional Accessories

Air Filter & Regulator
Vial Inspection Station,
Vial Loading Platform

Change Parts

In feed Worm

In feed Inverter

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