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Dhara Engineers is one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Vial Washing Machine. Our firm was established by group of professionals from the field with the view to cater huge demand of the product. Our main aim is to design high quality and easily maintainable machines at very competitive price. This manufactured range includes Washing Machine, Bottle Washing Machine, Pharma Vial Washing Machine, Ampoule Washing Machine, Linear Vial Washing Machine and other types of Pharmaceutical Machinery. Maximum clients are repeated and business comes from our regular customers, which speaks about quality of our product and level of customer satisfaction. The flourished customers spread across the world are satisfied with our products and services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified and active member of Engineering Export Promotion Council of India.

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automatic linear tunnel vail washing machine

Vial Washing Machine Manufacturer

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the premium quality of Vial Washing Machine which are manufactured utilizing the best industrial fine raw materials tag along up by precise manufacturing steps in array to create it a compact model simpler to deal with and relatively appropriate to preserve thus making it a simple to utilize machine. Offered Vial Washing Machine is notable as significant equipment in the industries as it helps to sterilize the vials before it is being loaded up with their respective content. It is imperative to appropriately clean the vials as any presence of impurity or pollutant can seriously affect the integrity of the formulation.

The Bottle Washing Machine is appropriate for round and flat glass vial with the support of change parts.We work directly with our customers and offer customized and money-making solutions. The potency of the company lies in meeting its assurances to the client. It is a matter of great satisfaction to us that our patrons persist to have business connection with us on an endless basis. Out main aim to deliver well engineered, high quality equipments equivalent to international standards and meeting the client’s requirement at reasonable prices. These offered Total Vial Washing Machines, Ampoule Washing Machine as unique features like robust design; quality procedures and careful inspection make our product accurate and precise. We take pride in supplying most economical, strong and easily maintainable machines to ensemble the necessities of our customer's individual precise necessities. Their suggestions, supervision and feedback enormously helped us in designing modify made machines for their special requirements.

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Empowered with experienced team, we are engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying huge range of Pharmaceutical Machinery. The vial is a small glass or plastic vessels or bottle, often used to store medication as liquids, powders or capsules. They can also used as scientific sample vessels, for instance, in auto sampler devices in analytical chromatography. These should be cleaned before filling, and although Automatic Vial Washing Machines may be used to clean vials, it is important to have the cleaning process validated. The efficiency of the washing machine and process is verified by performing several tests, as follows.

Procedure for Vial Washing Machine

Around 3000 vials of the chosen size are stacked on the feed belt and Total Vial Washing Machine is worked according to the standard working method. Spot the spiked vials set apart with indelible marker in the middle of different vials while the machine is running. These vials ought to be set at the underlying, center and end of the washing session. Gather the market vials in the wake of washing and store appropriately to keep away from the other contamination from nature. These spiked vials are dissected independently. It ought to be completed multiple times for every vial size.

Salient Features
  • Very Compact, stiff and modular construction
  • Simple structure, Stable function, Easy operation and low maintenance cost
  • Water recycling arrangement is probable as per prerequisite.
  • Washing Cycle and Washing Timing can be adjusted as per necessity.
  • Inner and outer Vial Washer ensures total cleaning.
  • Having a diversity of Spray zones and electrically controlled spray duration in washing chamber.
  • For ensuring perfect wash of vials, there is high-pressure spray nozzle during washing time comes into the vials.
  • The unit based on a S.S. Square pipe outline and completely included with ss covers in satisfying matt completed the process of evading consumption and simplicity of cleaning even from inside.
  • The washing segment is completely covered with an acrylic bureau and assembling plate guarantee absolute evacuation of water in the drain or recirculation tank
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Multi-Jet Needles

Maximum Vial Size (ml) Up to

56 Needles


99 Needles


189 Needles


240 Needles


340 Needles


432 Needles


Internal /External Washes

Washing Media

1st Wash

DM Water

2nd Wash


3rd Wash

DM Water

4th Wash


5th Wash

WFI Water

6th Wash


Technical Specification of Vial Washing Machine


DAVW – 240


30 to 40 Cycles/Hour (Each cycle’s time will be of 58 seconds)

Ampoule Dia

10mm to 21.5mm

Ampoule Height

60mm to 140mm

Vial Dia

15mm to 56mm

Vial Height

56mm to 110mm

Overall Dimension

1100 mm L X 1050 mm W X 1200 mm H

Power Specification

1.0 HP, 3 PHASE, 440 VOLTS, 50 Hz, 4 Wire System

Change Part

– Multi-Jet Needles Plate


– Comby Trays


DM Water : 8 Liter/cycle


WFI Water : 8 Liter/cycle (Depend Up-On Cycle Time)


Air : 20 CFM @ 5 Bar

High Speed Automatic Vial Washing Machine Best Price in India

We being one of the leading industry pioneers in any field require ingenuity and consideration on all aspects of business. Being a part of the engineering division, this holds especially valid for us. We continually characterize the most significant standards for ourselves and benchmarked our items against the world's ideal. We are one of the few Indian High Speed Automatic Vial Washing Machines Manufacturers and Suppliers to have such a broad infrastructure for manufacture machinery and spares. Our rapid pace of development averaging over 50% every year has implied that we have been expanding regularly and be able to scale up as and when required. We are completely dedicated to delivering only the best quality machines to clients and are currently in the process of being an ISO 9001:2008 compliant. We additionally have a large team of extremely skilled and experienced designers and engineers giving us R&D excellence. The team is available to ideas and thrives on challenges and is talented of delivering a solution to even the most challenging customer’s requirements. Our company motto 'Real quality towards customer compatibility' summarizes our client support theory briefly. We endeavor to help clients any place their areas might be and streamline logistics whenever we can. We provide un-matched service support through the product life process. Our products such as Ampoule Washing Machine, Cap Sealing, Filling Machinery, Stoppering, and Labeling Equipments is well-equipped to make spares as well, and our talented technicians work to guarantee smooth functioning of our products. We are ensured to prompt replies for any query with a maximum response time of 48 working hours.

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